Move your business forward with worry-free IT solutions

managed it services

COMPREHENSIVE end-to-end IT services

Our managed IT services are simple, yet essential in delivering enhanced efficiencies, elevated productivity, and minimized risk. EZ IT wants to ensure substandard operating technologies aren’t slowing down your business.

Security is a critical area of focus. Identifying threats and preventing breaches before they occur avoids the potential for negative impact on operations. Our certified  and trained professionals manage your entire network with secure technology solutions assuring seamless communication and network operations.

managed cyber security services

Secure networks and IT systems round-the-clock

Diligent monitoring to protect your IT systems against harmful threats brings peace of mind. Ransomware, viruses, phishing, hackers, and cybercriminals make up some of the malicious actions intended to expose network vulnerabilities that cause businesses harm.

EZ IT protects your organization’s IT systems including implementing innovative anti-spam and anti-virus protection, as well as, backup and recovery systems to prevent unexpected threats.


Preparing businesses for the unexpected

EZ IT helps businesses continue to perform their critical functions through unexpected events with innovative planning and preparation. Whether a natural disaster, pandemic, business crisis, or any event that impacts business’s operations, proactive planning is pivotal for uninterrupted business operations.

Our off-premise backup and recovery solutions safeguard against unforeseen technology failures and sudden disasters. Minimal downtime as a result of rapid data restoration technology provides continuous operations.


A smarter way small businesses can communicate

Conventional phones are no longer sufficient for the needs of businesses. VoIP solutions are more efficient, have multiple beneficial functions, and costs less.

Virtual phone lines, cloud call routing, SIP trunking, call centers, and business phone forwarding VoIP features leverage cloud technology as an alternative to the reliance for expensive, on-premises equipment and systems.


Virtualized operations provide enterprise-level solutions at reduced cost

Modern IT models are more efficient, cost-effective, and rely on cloud services, compared to the traditional approach requiring maintenance of costly servers onsite and the constant upgrade of its hardware.

The power of safe and secure high-speed cloud computing offers businesses more capacity, enabling access to data and applications with end-user devices, including, laptops and smartphones from any location whether from in the office or remotely.


Protection from cybercriminals

Monitoring of business identity information on the dark web is one way EZ IT prevents acts of identity theft. Cybercriminals constantly look to access business passwords, and data for various types of criminal activity. If any information becomes compromised, our services work to remediate complications to minimize the impact on operations.


Business assets, protected

Personalized surveillance and security programs provide a 24/7 oversight to ensure your business or home is secure. From concept, to installation, to monitoring, we activate the systems to help protect business or personal assets, whether residential or commercial, we have you covered.

As an authorized dealer of Alibi Security, our expert engineers persistently monitor and administer your business network to ensure operations are running smoothly.

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